5 Tips For Keeping Your Pets Hygienic

Pets complete our lives, and for most pet lovers, their pets are one of our family members. Being a pet parent does not end with feeding the, properly, it also demands other proper care to be healthy. As a pet parent, you must have sufficient pet hygienic products and you can also approach the best pet shops in UAE for quality recommendations. As feeding healthy food, keeping them clean and hygienic is also crucially important for their health.

Every pet parent must be diligent about pet-related hygiene chores which will ensure the health of both your pets and yourself. The first step of taking care of your pet’s hygiene is to have the right pet hygiene products and then to know the proper way of cleaning them and their utilities.

Let us know how to take care of your furry friend

Clean your cat’s litter box every single day

Do you wait until the litter box gets smelly and let your cat step on its litter again and again? Please don’t do this and repeat your pet’s hygiene. The litter box to prone to breeding several germs including a single-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. It can cause diseases with flu-like symptoms and also cause birth defects in children of pregnant women if it gets infected. Letter boxes are also good breeding grounds for intestinal parasites like roundworms and hookworms. So for daily cleaning of the litter box, you can first empty the litter then, use mild dish soap, and ensure to completely rinse and dry the box.

Wash your pet’s bedding

Your pet’s bedding can also breed flea eggs and larvae, ticks and other skin parasites. It is important to clean bedding regularly to keep it from pet danders and hair in the environment. Even though vacuuming once in a while, ensure to clean the bedding regularly in warm water or water with a temperature of 130 degrees or higher and let it dry for 20 minutes on high heat.

Wash your hands after contact

Taking care of your pet has a major part in taking care of yourselves too. Ensure that you wash your hands after playing with them, feeding or cleaning them.

Store pet food properly

Dry dog food can get contaminated with Salmonella and can cause severe illness for both your pet and people in contact. Dry food should always be stored in airtight containers and if you are feeding raw food, ensure to take precautions. Never leave your pet’s food open as it will attract rodents which will lead to contamination of the food with faeces and parasites.

Be diligent about flea and tick prevention

When your pet is properly taken care of from fleas and ticks, it will stay healthy. Pet parents should make sure to wash their dog’s paws with mild dish soap or baby wipes after a walk or outdoor playtime. This will protect your dog from allergies and parasites.

Wash and replace pet toys

Pet toys need to be cleaned regularly as they will have their saliva and other dirt from outdoor playtime. You can wash the soft toys in the washing machine, but it is equally important to replace them once get damaged.

Your furry friend is your family, love and take care of it.

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