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How people have changed their APPROACH towards hygiene and cleaning during Outbreak of Covid 19?


Millions of people around the globe are coming back to their ‘New Normal’ by giving their prime focus on hygiene and cleaning. The household care products, sanitizers, disinfectants, laundry products, and commercial cleaners are highly in demand. We, now look forward to protecting our families by programming our minds with the new cleaning and disinfection rules.


The surveys reveal that people have doubled their frequency of cleaning and most of them have completely revamped their ways to clean homes and washing clothes. They are getting more advice and guidance online that has increased the responsibility of cleaning websites in the UAE to serve them with the best quality cleaning products.


There are many cleaning products used by people all over the world but the major emphasis today has to be made on understanding the correct ways of cleaning rather than only selling the products. It is the moral duty of every provider to deliver the safest products for homes during this tough phase of Covid-19 that can be prevented only by disinfection and cleaning.



Pandemic is a Hygiene Reminder


The pandemic has been a reminder to the world about the importance of hygiene. The cleaning products not only provide essential cleaning for the people but adds to the psychological benefits of remaining carefree in the pandemic phase. The antibacterial range of cleaning products can be applied to the most exposed places to kill germs and live in the most hygienic environment all around. This phase has made everyone understand the hygiene requirements and take this segment seriously in their life.


COVID-19 impact on society


The current scenario of COVID-19 outbreak has left a drastic impact on the people. The outlook and behaviour of people are changing amidst this outbreak and they have made several adjustments in their lives for their approach to cleaning. Personal hygiene and cleanliness of surroundings prohibit your contact with the virus-prone areas and promote safety. The most common measures include the improvement in personal hygiene, wearing face masks, and avoiding public locations. The majority of the people are taking preventive measures for avoiding contact with COVID-19.


The concept of getting away from crowded places, not touching unnecessary objects, and taking caution in public places has become quite common among people. Working from home has become a communal way for the people and times have prompted everyone to stay cautious in private or public places.


Change in cleaning methods: Online purchasing


COVID 19 has changed the cleaning procedures and people have started focusing on the purchase of quality products from a trusted place. Online purchasing of cleaning products in the UAE and all over the globe has become quite easy with online ordering.


The household tasks have turned into a different zone as the families are adopting new ways to keep their loved ones healthy and safe. There is some widespread information about the virus that can put everyone in dilemma and adds to the fictitious thoughts. It is important to choose the most reliable source of cleaning products that can easily reach you. You can check out the products online and the providers can send it at the most competitive prices.


The uncertain times have led to a wide and easy scope for online shoppers who can order the best cleaning products delivered to their doorstep without spending anything extra. The products are available at discounted rates. There is no more waiting in the queues and people can order their required cleaning products from the comfort of home.


Cleaning tips for protection against COVID-19


Personal hygiene: Products for personal hygiene includes sanitizers, disinfectants, and other products to keep hands and other exposed parts away from the virus attack. You can avoid touching your mouth, face, and eyes. The mouth should be covered with tissue or elbow while sneezing or coughing. The used tissues must be disposed of correctly in the garbage bin to maintain hygiene.


Hand wash can keep the virus away: Handwash is the defensive way to get away from the virus. Wash hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds to completely getting rid of the germs. Wash your hands after you sneeze, blow nose, or cough. As long as you use the soap and water, the function of cold and warm water are the same in removing the germs.


Cleaning your home: The risk of catching the virus decreases with the disinfection and cleaning process followed at your home. You can use safe and effective products and include proper precautions while using any product. You can follow the product instructions before using it as some cleaning products can be harsh for the sensitive skins.


Disinfect the high-touch surfaces: Some common touch surfaces include door handles, chairs, tables, railing, kitchen surfaces, bathroom taps, mobile phones, electrical switches, tabs, laptops, gaming devices, toys, etc.





How to disinfect the surfaces?


It is essential to know the correct way of using cleaning solutions. The majority of disinfectant products need to stay wet on the surfaces for several minutes for effectiveness. You must read the directions of the product to be used and it will avoid damaging the sensitive items. Wipeable covers can be considered to be used for sensitive surfaces.


Disinfection must be done daily on the high-touch surfaces to weaken the chances of getting the virus inside your body. The daily use items must not be ignored to clean until the scope of COVID reduces on the global platform.




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