Common Mistakes Of Doing Laundry

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Common Mistakes Of Doing Laundry

You might have paid much attention to buying the right laundry care products, but have you been washing clothes the wrong way all this while? You might feel that you have long been doing so, but it is common to commit certain laundry mistakes. An example is the use of too little or too much washing or stain remover powder. Albeit you have been in the laundry operation for several years, it is easy to make those kinds of mistakes. Here, we will discuss a few more of those errors so that you do not have to commit them the next time you do laundry.

Washing Clothes After One-Time Use

Do you wash clothes after wearing these once? If so, join the club! Most of us do this. It might affect the durability of your clothes. Instead, consider washing clothes once every two or three wears. This way, you can save your time as well as the amount of money you will spend on laundry care products. Doing too much laundry with an excessive amount of stain remover powder can make most garments bobble and even come down in size. This does not apply to underwear.

Hanging Garments On A Radiator

Drying clothes with towel rails or radiators will cause your boiler to work more than it should, increasing the total running cost of the equipment. Hanging your clothing on your radiator can cause mold to thrive. So, instead of putting those pieces of apparel on it, dry them with a tumble dryer. Is using a tumble dryer too costly for you? If so, use a dehumidifier and clothes horse on the setting for drying clothes.

Washing White And Gray Clothes Together

People mistakenly put gray and white clothes in one washing machine load. It is not a good idea to do this, because it will eventually make the white products look dull and gray. So, put gray clothes with darker colored clothes and use appropriate laundry care products for the cleaning part.

Washing Clothing At Higher Heat

While some wash their garments at over 60°C to eliminate the transmission of germs, it is unnecessary. An occasional hot wash may be required to remove intense stains or for hygiene, but you need not use the highest setting possible after each wash load. Using the setting can ruin silk, wool, lycra and other fabrics as well as cause your standard wash to be costlier. If you have already spent quite a bit on the best fabric stain remover over time, think about saving your money and clothes with lower temperatures.

Washing Buttoned-Up Shirts

Do you forget to unfasten the buttons of your shirts before tossing these in the machine? If so, remember that you are not the only person who does this. As a result, the buttons could fly off and the shirts could break. Likewise, if you do not zip your pants the whole way through, the metal teeth could snag on clothing at the time of washing. So, be sure to fully close the zipper before tossing your trouser in the machine. Act as per the above laundry care tips to avoid damage to your pieces of apparel.


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