Skin Care Tips for Your Baby in Summer

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Skin Care Tips for Your Baby in Summer

The skin of your newborn works as a shield from the external environment to him. It is also a source of interaction and awakening for the many senses of your kid.

Your baby’s skin, like all infant skin, appears to be flawless but is exceedingly delicate.

Because skin protects your kid and aids sensory development, it requires special attention and care from the moment he or she is born.

In other words, your baby’s skin barrier is up to 30% thinner than yours, and it loses moisture twice as quickly, putting him or her at risk for dryness and discomfort.

Due to their thinner skin, babies are more sensitive to temperature changes, so keep this in mind when keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The baby’s skin matures and produces its own natural protective barrier over the first month or longer in premature babies. The Vernix, a white sticky substance covering the skin of your kid in the womb should always be left naturally absorbed.

What Happens to Your Baby’s Skin Over Time?

The skin is usually reddish-purple when your infant is delivered. The skin should convert to the reddish skin that vanishes the first day after delivery when it begins to breathe air alone.

When the original color fades, the baby can have blue hands and feet hued. It can take a couple of days. It is not typical to have blue lips or a blue face. If you observe a blue color in such regions, you should call your baby’s doctor.

What to do If Your Baby has Sensitive Skin?

It is crucial to understand what your baby’s chemicals are sensitive to. You might try to take the following steps with the best baby products in the UAE if you are unsure exactly what causes the reactions:

  • Do not use scents or dyes detergents
  • When bathing your infant, use mild soaps and follow the best bathing techniques.
  • Stick to best practices for bathing
  • Keep the diaper area clean and dry

Taking Care of a Baby’s Delicate Skin

Short Bath

Dry irritated skin can make your small one particularly uncomfortable, thus it is crucial not to hamper it, it is very necessary that you take additional care.

Try to take a short bath and avoid using bubbles too often since it will further dry up the skin. At this point, your little one requires a complete bath two or three times a week and a basic wash every day. You may have to reconsider, however, as soon as they begin to crawl, walk and cover themselves with food! The usage of baby bath oil can be helpful.

Choose Gentle Products

It is preferable to use soaps and shampoos that are specifically made for infants until they are approximately a year old. In general, these products are “nontoxic,” meaning they include no or few colors, deodorants, alcohols, or other potentially hazardous substances for your baby’s skin. Looking at the label and choosing the ones with the fewest strange compounds is a good idea. Tearless formulations are less prone to irritate the eyes of a newborn. When bathing a baby, keep in mind that some baby soaps do not produce as much lather as regular soap, but that does not mean you need to use more; the baby will still be clean without the suds.

Keep their Skin Hydrated

The skin of the newborn is prone to dryness so that you need it to be as hydrated as you can. As you take your infant out of the bathroom, soften it dry and immediately apply moisturizer. In between the baths you are likely to be plenty moisturizing. As often as necessary, use moisturizers. It is all right to put a newborn in thick layers. You can also invest in a humidifier so that air in your baby’s room is not too dry that can aid the dry skin of your kid.

Clean Up the Folds

While moisturizing with lotion, make sure your baby’s skin is not damp. The moisture can stay in all those wrinkles, which are the most prone to rash because of their thin, sensitive skin. This is a serious worry since the infant begins to drool more as it approaches the oral phase at three months of age. Clean all baby’s crevices twice a day to avoid redness, chafing, and peeling. Wipe the baby’s mouth continuously and ensure that he is wearing a bib in the meals. At Hygiene For All, we sell quality baby products in the UAE.


It is especially important to protect baby skin from the sun because it’s so sensitive.
Sunscreen is not suggested for babies under the age of six months since their skin is too fragile, so keep your little one in the shade. However, starting at six months, you should apply a child-friendly high-SPF sunscreen to your youngster. A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended, but the greater the better; ideally, above 50+, and it should be reapplied every few hours and after swimming.

Laundry for Baby’s Skin

Perfumes and harsh detergents can be particularly irritating to babies. When washing an infant’s clothes and bedding, use a mild, unscented detergent. This will aid in the prevention of allergies and sensitivities.

Baby’s Massage

The light massage can help a newborn sleep better and feel less stressed. It is also an excellent method to connect with a child. Try not to rub too aggressively, because it could spit the infant.


Because a newborn’s skin is so sensitive, it is common for them to develop skin rashes as they acclimate to their new environment. The majority of rashes are entirely harmless and will disappear on their own.

Experts say that a baby can acquire some common rashes including:

Spit-up, drool, or heat rashes– These are relatively common and can happen at any point during a child’s life.
Acne- Within the first two to four weeks following birth, acne is fairly frequent.
Milia- These are little white pimples found on the face. At birth, about 40% of newborns will have milia.
Erythema toxic- It appears like red blots with little white or yellow spots. This rash is not dangerous to the skin of the infant. More than 50% of babies have erythema toxic, usually in 1 to 2 days after their delivery. For a new environment, sensitive skin is suitable. Ensure that most rashes are ineffective and clear.

Skin Care Tips for Your Baby in Summer

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For babies, summer can be a challenging time. In addition to having delicate and immature skin, babies lack the ability to regulate their own body temperature and warm up to the point where excessive sweating may occur. As a result of clogged sweat glands, a baby’s skin can break out in heat rashes when the temperature rises. These little red pimples around the creases of the skin can cause a lot of discomfort and make your usually joyful baby cranky. You must always make sure your infant is cool and comfy.

Here are a few skin-care techniques to keep your baby happy this summer by keeping her skin healthy.


Your baby can sweat throughout the summer season. If you frequently bathe your infant at least twice a day or more, it will keep your baby comfortable and help sleep better. The water should be tidy, not too chilly. Before showering your baby, always check the water temperature. Be sure to wash the neck, arms, and all folds of your child’s skin while you bathe.

Dress her up in light and airy clothes

Light clothing, such as cotton, will help the baby’s skin breathe more easily. Do not overdress your infant on the bed; your baby will be comforted on warm summer nights with a broken suit in a soft material. To avoid heat absorption, choose dark colours such as red, indigo, or olive when going out.

Use items that have natural ingredients to soothe the skin of your baby.

Heat rashes are more likely to appear in the skin folds around the elbow and neck, behind the knees, and around the bottom. Maintain a clean and dry environment in these locations. A dab of prickly heat baby powder with Natural Zinc, Khus Grass, and Neem can help pull moisture from the skin and keep it dry. Apply a layer of calamine lotion to the inflamed area if there are any signs of skin irritation.


Do not let your infant become dehydrated. Your baby’s skin loses fluids even if he or she does not sweat. A newborn who is dehydrated will have rapid respiration, restlessness, heated skin, and a flushed face. Water should not be given to babies under the age of six months. They only need to be fed on a regular basis.

Use Baby Wipes To Keep Them Fresh

Having a packet of baby wipes on hand is always a good idea, especially in the summer. The weather can now be sticky and sweaty and your baby may not be able to take a bath whenever it needs it. For example, you do not have access to a better and clear bathroom while you are out with the baby. At such times, baby wipes like Abaya Care Wipes are handy. Instead of using glycerine, you have zero alcohol and keep the skin moisturized by removing impurities. The Abaya Care Wipes are perfect for babies with fast moisture and are ideal for any application.

Stay Indoor

Keep your baby indoors as much as possible to avoid heat rashes or prickly heat produced by excessive sweating and plugging of sweat glands. Avoid carrying your baby in a sling or baby carrier for lengthy periods of time, as this causes them to become very hot and sweaty.

Giving Oil Massage

You can use mild oil throughout the summer to massage your infant. Make sure during bathing you wash it well. Excess oil should not block the sweat pins on the skin of your newborn. No oil can make your baby’s skin dry at all, on the other hand.

Applying Baby Lotions

Be careful during the summers for skin allergies to wipes and body lotions. In certain newborns, it might cause skin irritation and dryness. Apply an appropriate body lotion to keep your baby hydrated after a bath when it has eczema or dry skin.

Whether you use the air conditioner or the fan, keep the space at a reasonable temperature. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if your baby develops severe heat rashes, becomes dehydrated, or develops a fever.

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