Some Myths about Disinfection

There is ample information about cleaning and disinfection spread with the ongoing COVID pandemic. Some facts are not the real facts and misguide people in understanding the concept of disinfection. The surfaces in your home or workplace are not as clean as you may think. Only the disinfectant suppliers know the difference between the products and mark cleaning procedures as the topmost priority to reduce the transmission of harmful viruses.

The experts understand the need to give the right information about disinfection and how it works. Hence, there are some common misconceptions cleared about cleaning and disinfecting to guide you towards finding a way to the germ-free surroundings. These myths are given with the proper explanations about the actualities defined in brief:


Cleaning and Disinfection are the same

The terms cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection are three different things but might be used interchangeably. Cleaning can remove the visible dirt, dust, or debris from any surface with detergent or soapy water. It doesn’t kill any microbes but might wash off some of them and reduce their presence. Cleaning is a prerequisite for disinfection of any surfaces with the aim of removal of the dirt seen with the naked eye.

Sanitization can reduce the bacteria on the surfaces to reduce the risk of illness.

Disinfection is a thorough form of cleaning and includes killing the pathogens listed on the product label (as per the given instructions).


Disinfection products work instantly

The brand or type of disinfectant doesn’t matter but no product works immediately on application. All the disinfectants have their ‘contact’ or ‘dwelling’ period that is the time that the chemical must remain on any surface in a wet state to kill all the germs. The time range is different for every chemical and the time for which the disinfectant stays wet is dependent on the environmental humid levels and temperature.


Only the surfaces with a high-touch rate need disinfection

It is advisable to disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as railings, cabinets, door handles, knobs, light switches, and commonly touched surfaces. However, the cleaning experts also encourage the disinfection of common areas like remote controls, mobiles, bathrooms, breakrooms, etc. to reduce the microbes and germs to grow on it. It will be safer for everyone if the surfaces in contact are disinfected regularly.


Only disinfection is enough to protect you

Disinfection alone can’t do everything. The prerequisite is to do cleaning as the removal of visible particles is the most important step. The process of cleaning and disinfection must go hand in hand. Hence, before disinfecting, you must do intense cleaning to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime. The dirty particles can react with the chemicals in disinfecting products and result in the improper killing of germs that makes the disinfection go in vain. You need to clean the surfaces thoroughly before disinfection to fetch remarkable results with disinfection.


All disinfectants are manufactured similarly

This is the biggest myth as there are thousands of products available with different constituents and purposes to kill the germs in their way. The efficiency, concentrations, label language, protection rate, contact times, chemistry, and need for disinfection are different in all the cases. It is important to consider the relevant pathogens for your facility and focus on choosing the most effective disinfectant. You can speak to the experts in this industry to make a wise decision about your choice for the appropriate disinfectants. After all, it is required to play a safe game to get the most appropriate results.


All disinfectants can be used similarly

Disinfectants are non-interchangeable and should be used in a proper way to kill the germs and viruses. The incorrect concentrations and the same way of using every product can result in additive costing. The occupational diseases can be avoided by using the disinfecting products in the right way by using proper precautions, like ventilation, exposure, quantity, concentration, and brand of the products. The devices used for disinfection should be well-checked before the application.

Reduce your Risk with the Best Disinfection Products in UAE

Many companies are dealing with cleaning and disinfection products throughout the UAE but only a few can give you the right suggestion from experts in the industry. Hygiene For All is the leading supplier of disinfection products that are registered as proficient disinfectants and guarantee safety and efficacy. It is important to understand the types of disinfectants and even get a guide for the most proficient selection for your requirements. It is advisable to read the instructions on the label before using a product safely and correctly. This increases the disinfection compliance and makes the products easily and properly used for different purposes.

Hygiene for All: Transparent and Cost-Effective Cleaning Services

Hygiene For All is the largest hygiene store in the UAE providing online services for the products for home or workplace. They even provide the commercial supplies that are meant for bulk orders at wholesale prices. More orders with the company correspond to better prices. The team of experts follows the quality control procedures for providing the best quality products that comply well with the FDA Codes and EPA guidelines. They have delivered disinfection and cleaning products in UAE in the Covid-19 phase to fight the Novel Coronavirus for prevention of its spread. The best disinfectant range has proven effective for the most harmful viruses.

Many disinfectants are used in combinations that are listed for the places with higher footfall, such as healthcare centers. The commercial formulations are uniquely defined and must be cleared by the agencies approving the quality of products. Certain chemical ranges are listed useful for Covid prevention and Hygiene For All experts assure that they combine the WHO guidelines with the proven listings from the global experts to supply the best quality products to the customers. The users must check out the labels carefully to understand the correct mode of using the product for getting the best results. Each product is designed for a different purpose and is required to be used in a guided way explained by the disinfection experts at Hygiene For All.

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