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Is your cash flow situation keeping you from making a purchase? has the solution to your problem. is pioneering Pay-Within-65-Days as a payment method in the Ecommerce sector. Corporate customers can now use postdated cheques to place orders with without having to pay any extra costs.

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Easy & Fast

No Hidden Fees

Terms & Conditions

  • Make the Cheque payable to “Find General Trading L.L.C”
  • Cheque Date should be not later than 65 days from the date of the order
  • Cheque should be handed over to our delivery team at the time of Delivery against an official receipt only
  • Order acceptance towards Pay 65 days Later scheme is only for companies and subject to a credit Approval. reserve the right to cancel the order if the approval gets denied by the credit Insurance partner
  • Maximum Limit per order in Pay After 65 days scheme is AED 10,000 Per Month


Who can apply?

Companies that operate within the UAE and have a registered license can apply for the Pay-Within-65-Days scheme.

What happens after I put in my order?

On receiving your details we’ll run a quick check through our insurance partner

How long does it take to get approval?

We usually get approval within 48 hours.

What is the Maximum amount I can Spend?

AED 10,000 will be the maximum per order and per Month , However if you would like to place bigger order, please contact our customer service in advance prior to making the order

Why Purchase Now and Pay-Within-65-Days is so Good for you

With our Pay-Within-65Days service, you can manage your purchases without having to use your credit card or overdraw your account.

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