Plastic Squeegee With Towel Holder and Stick, 42 cm(WP31)

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This plastic squeegee with towel holder and stick is an ideal cleaning tool. It is a floor squeegee used mainly for wet surfaces. It can eliminate all the liquid from the floor surface and make it completely dry.

This equipment works easily for even the hard surface of the floors. The rapid and effective action for floor drying can be done well with this cleaning tool for wet rooms. It keeps all the dirt and spills away with the rubber action of the squeegee.

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Elevate Your Cleaning Efficiency

Introducing the “Plastic Squeegee With Towel Holder and Stick, 42 cm” – a cleaning marvel offered by your trusted cleaning equipment suppliers in Abu Dhabi. This versatile tool is not just a squeegee; it’s an indispensable cleaning companion, tailored for optimal performance.

Primarily designed for wet surfaces, this floor squeegee swiftly eliminates every trace of liquid, leaving floors impeccably dry. Its efficacy extends even to hard surfaces, ensuring your floors regain their shine with ease. Swift and effective, this cleaning tool excels in drying wet rooms, keeping dirt and spills at bay with its rubber action.

Product Features

At Hygiene For All, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of top-quality cleaning equipment to customers across the Abu Dhabi region. Unbeatable quality, competitive pricing, and paramount customer satisfaction define our ethos. Elevate your cleaning game with the “Plastic Squeegee With Towel Holder and Stick, 42 cm” – your partner in achieving pristine cleanliness.

Key Features:

  • 42 cm size with towel holder and stick.
  • Ideal for efficient cleaning of wet surfaces.
  • Ensures complete and rapid floor drying.
  • Suitable for hard surfaces as well.
  • Effective action for drying wet rooms.
  • Removes dirt and spills with rubber action.
  • Unbeatable quality and customer service.
  • Competitive pricing for customer satisfaction.




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