Plastic Squeegee with Single Rubber & Stick, 45cm(WP39)

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Plastic Squeegee with single rubber and stick has 45 cm of width of the wiping squeegee. It is an appropriate tool for cleaning the floor and works well on the wet areas. It is a right option to select for the effective wiping of floor.
The right use of this broad squeegee is in the wider areas having hard surface flooring. It could be used in bigger halls, lobbies, hotels or other open or closed areas.

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Unparalleled Floor Cleaning Precision

Discover the power of the “Plastic Squeegee with Single Rubber & Stick” – a breakthrough in floor cleaning equipment. With an impressive 45 cm width, this squeegee is tailor-made for efficient floor cleaning, excelling particularly in wet areas. Its prowess lies in delivering an effective wipe, ensuring your floors shine with unmatched cleanliness. This broad squeegee is the perfect choice for expansive spaces with hard surface flooring. From grand halls to hotel lobbies, this tool shines in both open and closed environments. Optimal floor care becomes a reality, thanks to its precision and versatility.

Product Features

For a top-tier flooring upkeep strategy, rely on top-quality floor cleaning machines. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation ensures that we provide the finest cleaning solutions to our customers. Explore our entire product line on our website and seize the opportunity to place your order – the gateway to maintaining pristine floors in Dubai.

Key Features of Plastic Squeegee with Single Rubber & Stick:

  • 45 cm width for extensive wiping coverage.
  • Ideal for efficient floor cleaning, especially in wet areas.
  • Ensures thorough and effective floor wiping.
  • Perfect for larger spaces with hard surface flooring.
  • Versatile application in halls, lobbies, and hotels.
  • Precision in open and closed environments.
  • Promotes regular maintenance for top-quality flooring.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation in cleaning solutions.
  • Elevate floor care with advanced cleaning equipment.



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