Which Are The Different Types Of Biodegradable Plastic Bags?

bio degeradable plastic bags suppliers in UAE

Which Are The Different Types Of Biodegradable Plastic Bags?

Standard plastic bags take years to go through decomposition in landfills. When these bags undergo degradation, they can emit microplastic and toxins into the air. Switching to the products of bio degeradable plastic bags suppliers in UAE is among the simple steps toward cutting down your environmental footprint.

It takes longer for biodegradable and compostable plastic products to undergo decomposition in landfills as compared to an open setting. Nevertheless, the products can be more environmentally friendly as compared to conventional plastic bags. It is among the main reasons to do business with bio degeradable plastic bags suppliers in UAE or anywhere else. With that in mind, we will discuss what biodegradable plastic is and its types.

What Is Biodegradable Plastic?

Microorganisms consume some forms of plastic, under specific humidity and temperature conditions, before these undergo oxidation. For the uninitiated, oxidation is a process favoring the breaking down of those plastic types into CO2, water and biomass in a reasonable period in the natural environment. Thus, the plastic content in the products is introduced to the environment with no harmful residue left behind.

Garbage bags produced with plant-based materials or bioplastic elements are regarded as biodegradable products. The term ‘bioplastics’ refers to an organic material mix with properties similar to conventional plastic. Some bioplastic types are complex to the extent that these are no longer regarded as biodegradable. Therefore, you must ensure that the garbage bag UAE item or packaging product that you consider buying comprises plant material and is certified biodegradable. That product will emit fewer greenhouse gases as compared to conventional or classic large trash bags.

What Are Its Types?

Biodegradable plastic products are available in two main forms: hydro- and oxo-biodegradable. For both products, degradation starts with the process of hydrolysis or oxidation and a subsequent biological process. While both biodegradable plastic types emit carbon dioxide when these break down, the hydro-biodegradable items can also release methane into the environment.

Both are compostable plastic types, but it is possible to recycle oxo-biodegradable plastic. Both are also differentiable according to the specific materials involved in them. Oxo-biodegradable plastic is produced by working some fatty acids of certain transition metals into conventional plastics. On the other hand, hydro-biodegradable plastic is made from a petroleum-based source and/or a bio-based source.

Is A Biodegradable Bag Better Than A Conventional Plastic Bag?

The answer to the question depends on how you define the word ‘better’ in this context. For instance, traditional or classic tall kitchen bags are more affordable than their biodegradable counterparts. Now, does that make the conventional products better in comparison to biodegradable trash bags? If you consider the money required to remediate the toxins those conventional products emit in landfills, then the biodegradable bags would be a much better option. If you go by what researchers say, bio degradable plastic bags may be relatively better, even though these do not break down quicker in landfills.

Waste biodegradation requires certain organisms and microorganisms. If waste is disposed of in another plastic bag, then biodegradation is unlikely to happen timely. This means buying these types of products from bio degeradable plastic bags suppliers in UAE will not alone suffice for timely biodegradation.


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